Driving Rules

In Germany, there are too many driving rules and people follow most of them. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the driving rules before starting to drive in Germany. Some of the important driving rules are listed below:

  • Speed limits:
    Germany remains the only country in Europe without speed limits on major highways (e.g. A2), unless specified otherwise. The recommended speed, however, is 130 km/h. The speed limit for express ways (e.g. B14) and on any other roads outside built up aereas is 100 km/h, 50 km/h within city boundaries and 30 km/h in residential areas.
  • Right before left:
    Right of way to cars on the right at all uncontrolled crossroads and junctions.
  • Pedestrians:
    Pedestrians have the right of way at designated cross walks or when crossing with green light.
  • Seat belt:
    All passengers are required to wear seat belts while driving.
  • Children:
    Children untill the age of 12 and less than 150 cm may only be carried in suitable child restraints.
  • U-turns:
    U-turns are generally permitted unless otherwise indicated.
  • Overtaking:
    Overtaking on the right and hogging the left lane are serious violation.
  • Keep your distance:
    Keep your distance. Tailgating is also a serious violation.
  • Buses:
    Buses have the right of way when merging into traffic.
  • Headlight flasher:
    Misuse of headlight flasher (other than as for warning), is a violation.
    Making rude gestures to other motorists is traffic violation. You could even get fined for it.
  • Alcohol limit:
    Blood alcohol limit is 0.5%.
  • Make sure that there is a warning triangle (Warndreieck) and a first aid kit (Verbandskasten) in your car. They are required by law!
  • Turning left:
    When turning left, give way to oncoming traffic.
  • Turning right:
    When making right turns check front and rear for pedestrians or bicycles using the sidewalks/bicycle paths.
  • Do not pass buses at bus stops if it might endanger boarding or alighting passengers.
  • Accidents: When involved in minor accidents, exchange personal details as well as insurance numbers.
  • If you are involved in an accident, call for police assistance. Do not leave the scene of accident for any reason! Desertion may result in criminal prosecution and serious penalizations!