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Driving License

After half a year every foreign driver´s license expires in Germany (except EU-Licenses)!

This is a new regulation valid for foreigners who come to Germany since January 1st, 1999. Driving with such an expired license is an offence against the law and may result in serious repercussions under criminal law. Additionally, in the event of an accident you will have no insurance coverage whatsoever. No temporary stay in your home country or new issue of an international drives license can alter your obligation to comply with this law.

Driving Rules

In Germany, there are too many driving rules and people follow most of them. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the driving rules before starting to drive in Germany. Some of the important driving rules are listed below:

English glossar

Until recently, it was required to know some German words as part of the practical license test.
Here is a German-English index of some important words: